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Be Happy If You Want to Loose Weight!

I have written a few posts about happiness – and be prepared – there are more to follow. Happiness has such a significant impact on people's physical and mental health, career, and actually longevity. Research has shown happy people live longer than unhappy people!

But I wasn't going to talk about that. No, this morning my attention was caught by a research report on the Science Daily Website (see link below). With the holidays coming closer, and with them the turkeys, hams, geese, and all the other things people feast on during this time, my attention has been on my expanding waist-line.

Now, here is some good news. People that surround themselves with happy things, for example pictures of their kids smiling, will make better food choices. So pin a picture of your child or loved one on the fridge door to help you stay away from making the wrong choices or even from eating too much. Read more about the research on the Science Daily Website.

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