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Trust Your Unconscious Mind

Have you ever experienced that you had to make a decision and you’ve been swaying too and fro and couldn’t make up your mind? Some people find it very difficult to come up with an intuitive quick decision. Instead, they think deeply about the pros and cons, calculate all possible outcomes, and then decide one way or the other.

On the other hand those people, who make a decision quickly without ‘thinking’ too much about it, are often seen as not so serious or not quite reliable.

Here is now the good news for all quick deciders: The best decisions are made when you make it with your unconscious mind. Just don’t think about things too much. Research is saying now for some years that making decision unconsciously results in much better outcomes than mulling over things and considering all the possibilities.

Read more about this research by clicking here:
Our Unconscious Brain Makes The Best Decisions Possible.

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