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The Stress Diary

Before you can deal with stress effectively, you need to
identify the causes of your stress. Are your stressors external and relate to
your work, to problems within family members, financial problems, a loss, housing,
your overall work load, friends or neighbours, or your health? Or are your
problems more located internally due to the way you think or feel? Are they due
to you being a perfectionist, needing to be in constant control, being shy or
afraid, struggling with your mood, or to difficulty controlling your emotions?

Use a stress diary – at least for wee while – to identify
the daily stressors you are under. You can use the following link to Download Stress Diary

You can see in the stress diary a column for identifying the
physical symptoms of stress. It is really important that you become aware of
how your body reacts so that you can start identifying stress earlier and take more
quickly measures to alleviate stress.

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