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Love and Fear of Love

Although most people long for
love and a partner that gives them a sense of belonging, safety, and purpose,
it is surprising how many people confess how much they protect themselves from
love. The fear most mentioned is the fear of being rejected, abandoned,
ridiculed, hurt, or exploited. Many people are afraid to put themselves into a
position of vulnerability and closely protect their heart. The Fear of love can
even be so dominant that people convincingly tell themselves that they don’t
need love.

Because we are hard-wired to
connect with others, to form social connections, and be part of social
networks, longing for and simultaneously being afraid of love is a dilemma
commonly faced by people. Thus people need help not only when they are weighed
down by grief or adversity, but also when they encounter love.


Creating a Good Life in 7 Steps

Leading a Good Life is generally speaking a subjective experience. What might appear to be a good life for a person might not be perceived the same way by the people around him/her. Equally, a person might be considered leading a good life while he or she may not agree with such a statement.
It can be expected, that a good life leads to happiness and contentment with one’s life. Research has shown us that such a state of being is rarely achieved by accumulating ‘things’ and ‘gadgets’, but predominantly through the quality of the relationships people are able to establish. Most experts agree that happiness is not an experience or a consequence of following moral or Christian laws. Happiness is not a state that we are born with or that can be achieved. Happiness is an activity, a discipline that needs to be worked at.


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