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Does going into retirement mean to live without sex?

imageThere are a number of myths surrounding the older generation and ¬†their sexual practices. I remember when I was in my late teens my friends and I discussed whether our parents would still have sex. The unanimous response was “NO WAY”. ¬†Our parents would have been in their late 40s at that time. Not much has changed over the last 40 or 50 years. There still seems to be a ban on talking about senior citizens and their sexual experiences. What did you think when you looked at the above picture? Be honest! (more…)

Facts About Being Gay

There are a lot of myths, facts, semi-facts, and wild stories that circulate around homosexuality. The following video is a 5 minute Tiki-Tour of education about some of the facts regard ‘gay-ness’ that have such a hard time to combat old theories of:

  1. The absent or domineering parent
  2. It’s un-natural
  3. It’s a choice

and new theories of:

  1. It’s in the genes
  2. It may be about having older brothers ! <:0

Mental Health Diagnosis Causes Poor Medical Care

A recent research has caught my attention, because it reflects experiences that I have made in my clinical practice many, many times about the discrimination clients experience when they need medical care.  The University of Leister was involved in a research programme that investigated the quality of care. They found out that

The study by a team of researchers led by Dr Alex Mitchell from the
University of Leicester Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular
Medicine, warns that medical care delivered across most branches of
medicine to those with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis is
of inferior quality to the usual standard of care. This important
systematic review showed widespread inequalities of care in those with
mental health problems.

If this is your experience as well, how about sending a note/email/letter to your health ombudsman or even Minister of Health with the link of this research attached?
People With Mental Health Problems Receive Inadequate Medical Care, Study Suggests

Be Happy If You Want to Loose Weight!

I have written a few posts about happiness – and be prepared – there are more to follow. Happiness has such a significant impact on people's physical and mental health, career, and actually longevity. Research has shown happy people live longer than unhappy people!

But I wasn't going to talk about that. No, this morning my attention was caught by a research report on the Science Daily Website (see link below). With the holidays coming closer, and with them the turkeys, hams, geese, and all the other things people feast on during this time, my attention has been on my expanding waist-line.

Now, here is some good news. People that surround themselves with happy things, for example pictures of their kids smiling, will make better food choices. So pin a picture of your child or loved one on the fridge door to help you stay away from making the wrong choices or even from eating too much. Read more about the research on the Science Daily Website.

Finding it hard to be happy? Make sure to request my FREE mini-workbook on how to become happy.

Are You Depressed? Exercise it Away!

The NZ Herald (original article) reported in September that the New Zealand government spends yearly NZ$30 million over a million prescriptions for antidepressants.  Concerns are raised about the high prescription rate that includes antidepressants prescribed to adolescents and children as young as one year old and less. This is a shocking number in a country of only 4 million people. The fear was expressed that depression awareness campaigns have boosted pharmaceutical sales rather than providing public education about alternative treatment pathways for depression.


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