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Facts About Being Gay

There are a lot of myths, facts, semi-facts, and wild stories that circulate around homosexuality. The following video is a 5 minute Tiki-Tour of education about some of the facts regard ‘gay-ness’ that have such a hard time to combat old theories of:

  1. The absent or domineering parent
  2. It’s un-natural
  3. It’s a choice

and new theories of:

  1. It’s in the genes
  2. It may be about having older brothers ! <:0

EMDR: A Magic Wand or a Waste of Your Time?

Eye Movement  Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) has for the last 17 years tickled clinician’s – and client’s – hopes that finally a technique has been found that will help those unfortunate people who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

 How does it work? In principle, you remember a particularly painful or disturbing incident, make a mental picture of it, and pin this picture on the therapist’s index finger. The therapist then moves his/her finger in front of your face. You follow this movement with your eyes (head remains still) for a certain amount of repetitions. The idea is that after the treatment you have no longer the distressing emotions attached to your memories.


Successful Relationships: What gets in the Way?

Wouldn't it be great if human beings came to this world with well functioning, inbuilt relationship software? Indeed, we do come with an inbuilt capability to form deep, lasting, successful relationships. How then does it happen that so many relationships run into problems?


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