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Getting Professional Help For Stress

When you pay attention to the signals of your body you will
be able to do a lot of stress control without the need for professional help.
However, some stressors are beyond people’s control Рsuch as the death of a
loved one, illness, past abuse/trauma, or general mental health issues.  They can not be changed or controlled and
people might require help processing these stressful events and letting them

It can be seen over and over again, that people struggle by
themselves and wait a long time before they seek professional help. I call that
the dentist syndrome. (Who likes to go to the dentist?) Instead of going at the
early signs of problems, when a simple drilling and cleaning could have
restored dental health, people wait too long and end up with a root canal

Sometimes a few sessions can put things in perspective and provide
the tools needed to deal with those incidents that cause stress.

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