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5 Mistakes That Kill The Love In Relationships (# 2) I am right and you are wrong

wrong rightNumber two of the mistakes that kill the love in relationships is the conviction that MY view of things is right and YOUR views of things is wrong. I don’t think there has ever been a couple that presented for relationship counselling, coaching, or therapy that was not caught in that erroneous assumption.

To be fair, it is not only an affliction couples suffer from, but human kind in general follows that strict line of thinking. Hence the fights, wars, and conflicts we observe throughout history and present day circumstances. How much suffering happened because people thought they were right and hence their actions were justified: from human sacrifice, to slavery, to witch hunt, to wars, oppression, human rights …. the list is endless.  (more…)

Finding A Soul Mate?

Another thoughtful  clip by Mark Gungor about finding the One And Only Person That Will Make Your Happy! … ?

The Tale of 2 Brains

It is surprising how many couples struggle with their relationship – yet they fail to get professional imput that could help them to improve their happiness and satisfaction a good working partnership could hold. Their family car gets more often a tune-up than their relationship – even though people often have even less understanding of what makes a good relationship than what it takes to have a smooth running car.

In the following video clip, marriage expert Mark Gungor presents a humorous exploration of the difference between how women and men think and behave.

Are You From Mars or From Venus

You have read the book, haven’t you? Or at least you have heard about it, or seen it on one of the TV afternoon talk shows? You will have learned that men and women are different. Problems in relationships occur because these gender differences.  In particular, women talk too much about their feelings and men talk too little about them. This main gender difference is the key to marital discord if you follow the Mars-vs-Venus principle.


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