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How To Balance Your Life

The balance of one's life is demonstrated through eight main sections of a person's life. Personal wellbeing and happiness depends largely on the ability to achieve a balance of all sections.      

Balance chart

When these eight areas are represented in a pie-chart or bar-chart you can fill out to what extend each section is realised in your life. You may be able to fully fill out the section career/work but can only fill out a little bit of the section recreation/hobbies. This exercise gives you quickly a good overview of the areas that are in need of improvement and your attention.

HEALTH: How is your physical wellbeing? Do you get enough sleep, is your nutrition balanced. Is your health influenced by cigarette smoking and consummation of alcohol? If in doubt have a medical check and/or see a nutritionist.

CAREER/WORK: Is your job utilising all the skills you have? Are you getting recognition and  adequate remuneration? Do you like your working environment including your colleagues? Offers your workplace opportunities for promotion and continuing up-skilling?

EXERCISE: Do you have enough exercise in your daily routine? Exercise not only guarantees your physical wellbeing, it also is necessary for your mental wellbeing. Thirty minutes of exercise per day are considered

RECREATION / HOBBIES: Are you paying enough attention to recreational activities and hobbies. This is important for your ability to re-charge your energy, develop your creativity, and for countering the stressors in life.

RELATIONSHIPS / LOVE: Relationships that are based on emotional support, love, and care are vital for peoples physical and mental wellbeing. They help us to regulate our internal physical and emotional states.

HOME / FAMILY: Is your home your castle and do you have good relationships with your family? Home and family can be for people what the safe harbour is for ships. Here they can rest, replenish their energy, and take on resources to face the 'wild seas of life' again.

EDUCATION: Are you providing your mind with enough stimulation? Maybe this is the time to learn a new skill, take a course in communication, time management, or improve you professional qualifications through enrolling in a more formal course.

SELF-CARE: Pamper yourself with soaks in the bath-tub, walks, massage, or a beauty treatment. You can also improve your wellbeing by stimulating your visual, kinestetic, auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory senses.
Many exercises listed above can be done by yourself. However, you may want to enlist the support, encouragement, and guidance of a counsellor or coach to keep your efforts on track and to ensure that you spend your energy effectively.

In case you want to make arrangements for working on your goals with a professional you can use the link CONTACT ME.

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