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Feelings and Intimacy

Dali Wonder When I went through my material about feelings and emotions, I came across a little article I had for many years in my posession. I like it so much that I am going to copy it here for you. The article is signed "Sister Maurice Boody, Office of New Directions, 2341 University Avenue, Bronx, New York 10458 – 15.2.74 E.G. Wishart"

"If we want to be loved we must reveal ourselves. If we want to love someone they must allow us to know them.

As obvious as this may be many of us go through life avoiding such disclosure. In fact, most of us practice concealment by playing roles. We claim to have certain feelings which we actually do not have, we profess to be loving when we're full of hostility, calm – – when in reality anxiety is nearly overwhelming us, and to believe in things when in truth we do not.


Myth About Womens’ Low Sexual Desire

Couple conflict 2 Many
people are of the opinion that if a woman rarely wants sex there is something physically wrong with her. Maybe her sexual desire, her libido, would improve with the help of medical treatment? What pill can be prescribed that would get her back on the right track?

Like in many other areas, some health professionals (and certainly pharmaceutical companies) quickly reduce interpersonal, social, and cultural problems to a hormonal imbalance, that can be – and should be remedied with something we can buy in the pharmacy.

The biggest misconception of our present time is that problems like low sexual desire or depression are all due to hormonal or chemical imbalance. A misconception that is widely fed and supported research financed by pharmaceutical companies whose huge profits rely on people reaching for 'the pill'.


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