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Losing Your Confidence

This morning I heard in the NEWS a comment made by Keven Mealamu, the captain of the Blues, that he lost his confidence because of the poor start of the Rugby season with the Blues ending up in the bottom of the score board.

I find it fascinating how widespread the myth is that outside circumstances can influence what happens inside of a person’s mind. How terrifying it must be to think like that and find yourself at the mercy of people and circumstances no one can control. But it’s a mirage, it’s not true! (more…)

So Simple – So Powerful

I have lately written a number of posts that reflected my understanding of the 3 Principles. I posted this trailer here for those who might be interested in getting an idea what the 3 Principles is all about. Have a look at the impressive applications in private lives of people, schools, communities, prisons, and mental health settings.

My understanding is still at a beginner’s level – yet as it deepens more and more, things make sense to me now that have been puzzling me as long as I can remember. For example:

How come I can look at clients and see the beautiful, good, and caring persons while they can see only ugliness, broken-ness, and fault when they look in the mirror? (more…)

Awakening Innate Health

How can you awaken innate health?

Innate Health implies that you are born with it – thus there is nothing to do. That may sound odd for some, given that people in general are working hard on achieving happiness or peace of mind and well-being. Where is your innate health when you feel in the throes of stress, depression, self-doubt, or anxiety? (more…)

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