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How to Increase Love in your Life?

How much love we experience in our life is to
some extend dependant on what we are paying attention to. Here again comes
Positive Psychology with some really good examples. If you focus on all the
things that are wrong in your life and that make you unhappy, you will miss the
acts of love.

If you, however, focus on exercises
such as “Three Blessings” (noticing each evening three things that occurred during
the day that were good) or you use the gratitude journal and reflect each
evening on the things you can be grateful for, you will be surprised how much
love has been extended to you without you taking much notice of it. Over time
you train your mind to pay more attention to the loving people show you. 

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What is Love?

Man with heart
When you ask the question “What
is Love??” people will give you many different explanations. Indeed, love is
many things for many people. I would like to present the concept of ‘Consummate
Love’ following the ‘Triangular Theory of Love’ developed by Robert Sternberg.

Robert Sternberg  explains that love exists in interpersonal
relationships that are characterised by intimacy (closeness, connectedness, and
bondedness), passion (romance, physical attraction, sexual consummation), and
by commitment (the decision to remain with each other, share achievements, and
make plans together).


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