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Feelings: The 2nd Step in Effective Communication

I have written previously about the steps of the Connecting
Dialogue, a strategy of communicating with others that has a great
chance of getting your needs met. It's also great for resolving
conflict. For an outline of the whole 4 step process go to "The Connecting Dialogue"

Below you'll find a video clip from an accomplished NVC trainer who
explaines in more detail the importance of the steps. Here is the first
step: Expressing a Feeling:

What Helps When Your Are Grieving?

Butterfly blue back Losing someone or something you have cared about deeply is a huge blow to your SELF-system. You might as well look at it as a SELF-crisis. At a time like that it is of utmost importance that you reduce the stress by making sure your physical and emotional energy does not get depleted.  Looking after your physical and emotional well-being in times of grief and sorrow is one of the most important and useful steps you can take to help yourself. You can look after your emotional health by finding ways to express your feelings.


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