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Does Counselling Work?

Hands The other day, on my way to town, I listened to talk-back radio questioning the counselling industry and wanting to hear from listeners whether counselling ever worked for them. Listening to some of the comments made, I was amazed how quickly people are prepared to judge without bothering to do at least some research, looking for facts, or doing at least some sort of deeper thinking.

Counselling and counsellors have been the target for much ridicule and sarcastic comments for many years. In a society that puts a lot of emphasis on being successful, showing no weaknesses, and appearing spotless, having to go to a counsellor must mean for many people the ultimate declaration of personal failure and weakness.


Difference in Brain Function Leads to Problems Relating to Others

Image004 A group of researchers have investigated the differences in brain function encountered in people with schizophrenia using MRI scans. They found that people with schizophrenia were less able to 'read' correctly other people's facial expressions. Scans showed for the first time reduced activity in the left fronto-temporal network of the brain linked to deficits in social cognition.


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