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Impact Of Early Childhood Stress

Child A
For psychotherapists working with people who struggle with the
legacies of an abusive and/or traumatic childhood, it is no news that people
are affected way past their childhood years. It’s good to see that research is
coming to the party and provides scientific evidence for the long-term
struggles people have.

"The immune system is not preset at birth…The cells are
there, but how they will develop and how well they'll be regulated is very much
influenced by your early environment and the type of rearing you have." We
know from trauma research the same to be true for people’s self-capacities
involved in distress tolerance and emotion regulation.

Indeed, even if the life circumstances improve people show
that early childhood stress has a negative impact on their learning capability,
on their behaviours, and on their immune system.  Thus they are disadvantages with regard to
their future careers, to how they integrate into society, and with regard to
their health status.  

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