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The Quick Fix for Panic and Anxiety

If you suffer from severe anxiety or panic attacks, the likelihood is that your doctor reaches for the prescription pad and prescribes a psychotropic drug (psychotropic drug = a drug capable of altering one’s mind, emotions, and behaviours). Only in very few instances will you be referred for psychotherapeutic treatment. Drug treatment seems to be the treatment of choice.


The Truth about Drugs and Mental Health

Today I am talking about fixing depression quickly through medication, the years old fairy tale of  the “Chemical imbalance” in the brain that causes depression and a whole array of other mental illnesses. Whereas in past decades people have blamed mothers for peoples’ mental health problems, nowadays theories favour the defective brain as the cause for issues people struggle with.

It is amazing that theories of biological causes manage to remain in the forefront of the discussion between doctor/health professional and patient – given that there is no evidence to prove these theories right. A large number of researchers have already in the late 90s pointed out that the biological-chemical-imbalance-theory is a creative construction kept alive by the pharmaceutical industry.


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