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Stress Impairs Thinking

Stress seems to have a negative impact on people’s ability
to think clearly and quickly, and attend to new information. The study
investigated male doctoral students shortly before and after their board exams
and found that although students did not perform well under stress, their brain’s
ability to do so bounced back in less than a month after the stress went

This may be quite different in the case of chronic stress
that can lead to major health problems such as chronic fatigue, depression,
post traumatic stress, and Alzheimers.

Rockefeller University (2009, January 28). Stress Disrupts
Human Thinking, But The Brain Can Bounce Back. ScienceDaily.
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Men And Women React Differently To Stress

There are many areas in life where it can be noticed that
men and women respond differently in a number of situations. Recent research
with brain imaging has shown that each gender responds differently to stress.

The main difference seems to be that stress caused changes in men’s
right prefrontal cortex and in their left orbito-frontal cortex. These areas
are usually associated with what is known as the ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction.
Thus it can be expected that men deal with problems that cause them stress by
going into ‘fight-mode’ that could in some instances involve aggression, or
they respond with avoidance and withdrawal.


Stress Can Be Bad For Your Body

Stress_on body
Chronic stress can lead to a number of behavioural changes and physical health problems. When a person is subjected to stress the body responds with activating the neuro-hormone ‘Corticotrophin Releasing Factor’ (CRF).

In the case of chronic stress this release is increasing in length and volume in areas of the brain associated with fear and emotion. It thereby changes the body’s response causing health-related stress problems such as anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, and even infertility.

Dermatologists have identified that increased cortisol levels in the body caused by stress can lead to hair falling out, acne breaking out, and to many other problems.

Indeed, stress can lead to an increase in inflammations and central nervous system infections. It is known to affect the effectiveness of vaccines, is linked to endometriosis, and can cause digestive difficulties that range from stomach aches to diarrhea.

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