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8 Steps To Successful Conflict Resolution

Conflict 3 I mentioned before that conflict arises when a person’s needs or expectations are not met. However, conflict does not just rest on a difference in needs but also on the negative meaning that people give an action or behaviour. Thus our perception and interpretation of a situation plays a large part in conflict.
Your partner comes home later than expected without calling you. You feel disappointed and hurt and are getting angry because you consider his actions disrespectful; he obviously doesn’t care about you; he can’t be bothered. You make a scene and accused him of all the things you just thought.


Active Listening in Compassionate Communication

Those who have done a communication skills course or downloaded my "Improve your Communication" home study course will know about the importance of active listening.

When I teach active listening in my courses, people feel really awkward to apply the skills. Indeed, it takes a real paradigm shift to move from the "normal" stance in communication, that is usually all about "ME", to the stance of compassionate communication, that is all about "US".

You might wonder about the expression "giraffe talk" versus "jakal talk" – the giraffe in Non Violent Communication stands for coming from a heart space, the jakal talk stands for coming from a critical position.

The video clip posted here will give you examples of how to apply active listening skills and combine them with principles of compassionate communication. I've called these principles "The Connecting Dialogue" in a previous post.

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