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Working With Me

Is it time for a fresh start?

Rather than looking back to what did not work well and becoming an expert in “What Not To Do”, we will explore what steps need to be taken to put you back in the driver seat.

You will understand that a creative force resides within each of us and shapes how we feel moment-to-moment, creating obstacles or giving us wings.

This creative force will guide you with wisdom, creativity, and not the least common sense.

 There are 3 different ways of working with me:

openmind1Individual work: sessions are 60 minutes long. My fees are $120 per session.                                                                    Re-discover your ‘default’ setting, a setting each person has that gives them access to peace of mind, mental and physical well-being, joy, and contentment. It is the state of “Natural Health” or “Innate Health” every person has. 

When people are stressed because they worry about how to assure their family is well provided for, how to keep love and caring alive in their relationship, how to make sure their children turn out OK, how to enjoy satisfaction and meaning in their work, and many other stressors it appears to become harder and harder to tap into the innate ‘default setting’.

Nonetheless, we all know that place. Everyone has moments when we are ‘at peace’ with us and the world around us. When we are engrossed in an activity we love: skiing, diving, fishing, or being in nature and admiring the beauty of a landscape or movement of animals, to name a few examples. At those times our minds are able to calm down, let go of the daily stress we experience, and enjoy the moment.

asclepius_pics10Seminars: Most of my seminars are held by Raeburn House, current cost are $85 for a 1 day seminar. Issues covered are: Relationships, stress, depression, self confidence/self esteem,  parenting with wisdom, letting go of past hurt.
Asclepius, the Greek God of healing and medicine is pointing towards the pathway my health seminars will be following. In ancient Greece the journey to an Asclepidian sanatorium usually involved several weeks of travel in which the ‘patient’ had time to leave every day concerns behind, reflect on his life, and prepare to pay attention to what his mind, thoughts, and consciousness revealed.

My seminars aim for a similar journey. People will be encouraged to still their mind, suspend habitual thought patterns and explore how they can tap into the extraordinary power of Mind.

Participants will learn about the fundamental nature of human experience and how thoughts and feelings shape each moment. They will gain understanding how to use this knowledge to make significant improvements in their lives  effortlessly, with clarity and connectedness.

 Comprehensives: These are commitments of attending 3 days (consecutive or spaced) in which I offer a highly individualised approach to deal with people’s main concerns. Please, inquire about times available and costs.

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