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Overindulgence and Impulse Control

Eatingcake It is no secret that a lot of what people do is motivated by their need for being happier. There are those who indulge in excessive eating, drinking, using drugs, shopping, exercising, or ranting and raving at every other person around them, to name just some examples. All in the service of making good feelings stay longer and/or bad feelings to go away.

They overindulge in a 'pet-activity' not for the activity's sake, but in a vain attempt to regulate their emotions, to feel better – often to the detriment of one's health, financial situation, or relationships.


Anger: The Emotion Needed For Survival

Saber-tooth-tiger1 Anger is probably one of the most important emotions available to humans. Far back, at the dawn of mankind, anger was absolute necessary for the survival of our species. Whenever a hostile tribe or a Saber-Tooth Tiger would attack, our distant ancestors could rely on the emotion of anger to prepare them  to either fight or take flight.
Anger signals to the brain that the survival of the self/ the person is under threat upon which chemicals and hormones were released  to prepare the body for the needed action. The problem with anger is, however, that Saber-Tooth Tigers are extinct. Yet, feeling  the rush of the chemicals released by anger modern (wo)man reacts with a fight or flight  response designed to deal with prehistoric beasts in situations that are not life-threatening.                                                                                                                                                                                    People get angry when  another driver cuts in front of their car, when they have to wait at the supermarket check-out, when their child is not coming immediately when called,
when dinner is not ready at the usual time, or when the expected pay-increase  is not happening. It’s like shooting mice with cannons. Over the millennia (wo)men have forgotten or un-learnt to respond appropriately to low-grade infringements. Anger and the violent expression of anger has become a serious problem in relationships, in
parenting, and in society.

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