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 About Gudrun Frerichs, PhD

Gudrun is a therapist, an author, and life-long explorer of the mysteries of the human mind.

She has been passionate for over 25 years about helping people to achieve and maintain a healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual life in her private practice, workshops, retreats, and community education groups.

Her focus has been on improving people’s quality of life by teaching them how to have stronger relationships, better support networks, a firm sense of self-confidence, and control over the emotional ups and downs of life. She holds the deep belief that people have within them all the resources and skills they need to lead a meaningful and happy life. She knows every person can access these internal resources once they let go of negative thinking pattern, self-doubt and self-criticism, and learn how to trust their intuition and innate health. It is her particular joy to help them (re-)discover their innate health for themselves.

After 25 years of working in the mental health field and trauma recovery Gudrun is going to retire from clinical work at the end of this year. She will continue her blog “Multiple Voices ” that deals with issues of recovery from dissociation and other legacies of sexual abuse, and her blog on “Gudrun Frerichs, PhD ” where she has been writing prolifically for over 7 years about general mental health issues. Her post-retirement plans involve publishing a series of books drawing on her extensive clinical experience, with the first one “Delicious Love Forever: Recipes for Lasting Loving Relationships” to be available on Amazon at the end of July 2014.

Born in post-war Germany, Gudrun has found 27 years ago a new home in beautiful, exciting Auckland, New Zealand. She loves the wonderful outdoor life New Zealand offers with its stunning bush, dreamy beaches, and majestic mountains and explores them as much as possible. Although her husband, her three adult children, two grandchildren, and a boisterous puppy dog are the centre of her life, she finds ample time to dedicate to her biggest indulgence: writing and reading.

Gudrun has trained in Germany, New Zealand, and the United States of America. Besides having a business background in toy production and marketing, she has degrees in psychotherapy (psychodynamic), health, and environmental sciences, diplomas in Gestalt and Neuro Linguistic Programming, and trauma recovery.

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