Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

rel ships happyOver the last 20 years positive psychology and positive thinkers have suggested that by simply following a number of steps ‘Happiness’ is in our grasp. Who would not like the idea?  But wait a minute …. if there were only 3, 5, or 7 steps to Happiness, would people not have achieved it by now? People are not stupid – at least not the majority. So what is wrong with the picture?

Happiness is not a commodity, a trade-able good that can be acquired by following a prescribed formula – like how to start your car’s engine.

Happiness is a mind-set, a way of understanding how we create our experience of life, a way of viewing the world, a way of taking responsibility for our feelings, a way of taking charge of our life. Acquiring that mind-set is the one and only step to Happiness, the only one I know of, the one that very wise people throughout history have pointed out over and over again.

In my upcoming seminar “THE 3 PRINCIPLES: THE POWER OF HAPPINESS” I will share how to acquire the mindset necessary for Happiness, Contentment, and Peace of Mind. I will point out the missing link that puts things into perspective and you will understand that you find the answer within you and nowhere else.

Join me in my seminar on 4 August 2013 in Takapuna, Girl Guides Hall. You need to book because we have only limited spaces available. To book and learn more about the seminar click the button below!
Eventbrite - The 3 Principles: The Power of Happiness

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