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2011-05-Monster-MAC-Bike-punctureThe Auckland Three Principles Meet-up Group (check out here their website)  is a place to learn about and deepen your understanding of the Three Principles as formulated by Sydney Banks and practiced today in many countries by a growing number of facilitators / coaches / counsellors in a wide number of contexts: business, personal growth, prisons, schools, families, sport, and high performance activities.

We had an interesting meeting last Friday during which we explored how people sustain their well-being. I would like to share one topic that comes up really frequently and … hence again last night as well: Why it is not useful to look back!  It is easy to say “don’t look back – you are not going that way”, but people seem to get caught in trying to understand the thoughts that caused their distressing feelings.

One group member shared what he remembered of Elese-Coit’s post (read the original post here)  .. here the extended version, embellished with his understanding:

When you ride with your push bike and suddenly your tire is punctured, you don’t get off the bike and walk back along the way you came to find the sharp object that caused the puncture. You just go about fixing your tire so that you can get on with your ride. Trying to figure out what thought caused the distressing feeling is just like trying to locate the sharp object that caused the puncture. The similar principle applies to worrying about the future. It’s like riding along with the bike trying to locate a sharp object that could cause a puncture.

Everyone can see how ridiculous this behaviour is in the context of enjoying your bike ride. If you would like a little bit more understanding of how we create our reality through Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, join the Meet-up group and come to the meetings when you have time!

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