Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

swansSometimes our relationships are nothing like we’ve imagined it. Sometimes we come to a dead-end and find that we don’t have a clear idea where to go from here.
What is the secret of people who have great relationships, who have loving intimate partners, get along well with their kids, have friends who are fun to be around, and colleagues who are supportive and co-operative?
A common misunderstanding is that you have to find the ‘right’ partner, the ‘right’ boss to work for, the ‘right’ friends. And if that is not helping, you have learn how to communicate better, how to listen actively, how to challenge effectively – in summary  how to do things right.
The secret to harmony in relationships lies in understanding where you are ‘coming’ from and where your partner, kids, colleagues, and friends are ‘coming’ from. It’s about how to look through the glasses of compassion rather than criticism and judgement. Listening for the good in people rather than going on a mission of fault-finding.  Knowing that we all do the best we can – if we could do better, we would. Behind these statements are principles of psychological functioning that determine every person’s life experience.
We are exploring these principles in a 6 weeks course at Raeburn House, on Thursday evenings, starting on 14 March 2013, 7 PM – 9 PM.   Costs: $60 per person/$85 per couple. Take advantage of Raeburn House’s mission to offering services for well-being to contribute to resilient, vibrant and connected communities.

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  1. Thank you Gudrun,.
    I am booked in
    I am looking forward to both your classes.

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