Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Thinking back all my life I was longing for the future to come. I don’t think that is particularly unique, I believe most people have a similar if not the same experience. People want to grow up quickly, be married, have children, change jobs, change house, have a car, have a bigger car, have new clothes … the list goes on and on. There is the unspoken promise that life would be better, richer, more rewarding, and if we believe the media and advertisements we would ultimately be happier if we could reach these desirable mile stones. 

So people become really busy and work harder to achieve happiness in the future. But as they say, tomorrow never comes – it will always be tomorrow! A formidable trap that steals today. The other morning I watched a woman when I walked my dog at the beach. She was almost racing along the beach while talking ‘lively’ to someone on the mobile phone. I would be surprised if she noticed the lovely scenery or how beautiful the sun reflected on the calm sea. My fantasy was that she ticked off some items of her  ‘to do list’ while getting in some exercise at the same time.

I had the urge to shout to her STOP! and smell this beautiful morning. Calm your mind down, take a deep breath, and slow down. Slow right down. Because when your mind slows down the quality of your thinking increases and you are much more likely to connect with your wisdom. It’s when your mind is at peace, when you are ‘in the zone’ where time seems to stand still, where you’ll find all the great ideas, new and creative solutions for old problems. Don’t take my word for it – try it out yourself! It’s not rocket science, its common sense! It’s actually based on the Three Principles of human psychological functioning – and if you want to know more about it, join me for one of my innate health seminars or arrange for a one-on-one consultation. 


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