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Love is Everywhere!


The subatomic particles
love each other so much
they form an atom,
which loves the other atoms
so much they get together
and form a molecule
which loves the other molecules
so much they bind together
and create matter
material reality
which is so attracted
to other matter
that it collaborates
and cooperates
and works together and creates
binding together
and life is born
and love amplifies
love animates
our very
To not recognize
the overwhelming amount
of love present
in the world
around you
is to just be blind.

Wake up

Poem by – Eric Allen Bell
click the link to get to his website

I came across the above poem and was struck how poignant the author describes the ‘order’ behind our existence and the universe. It also means that our true nature – down to the molecular level – is Love. This energy has been called many things by many different disciplines. In the 3 Principle understanding love, the universal energy behind all existence is called ‘Mind’.

People are just one manifestation of this Love-Mind energy, one way of how the molecules and particles come together. Trees, plants, animals, mountains, or stars are other forms of the manifestation of love. We are love and we are of love. Hence when we feel anything other than love for ourselves and others we are hurting.  All mental and emotional struggle could be seen as having lost sight of us being a manifestation of love. Yet, we can’t really lose love because it’s who we are. However, it can be obscured from our view through negative thoughts about ourselves or the world around us. Just like clouds can obscure the sun.

A lot – if not all – of counselling and therapy is about having lost sight of that love and longing to get back to what is our true nature = LOVE.

If this is where you are at, you are welcome to contact me and we make a time to explore how you can find your way back to LOVE.


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