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Awakening Innate Health

How can you awaken innate health?

Innate Health implies that you are born with it – thus there is nothing to do. That may sound odd for some, given that people in general are working hard on achieving happiness or peace of mind and well-being. Where is your innate health when you feel in the throes of stress, depression, self-doubt, or anxiety?

How do I know I have it? 

Innate Health is something every human being is born with. It’s always there. It can’t be damaged or broken. It’s your birthright. You will have experienced many tim es in your life: when you marvel at the beauty of nature, when the sight of your sleeping child touches your heart, when you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin … and many, many times more. You may not have been there long enough or even often enough. Nonetheless, you know this place well.

How did Innate Health get hidden from my view?

Innate Health, or the default setting of human beings, is a place of wisdom, common sense, peace of mind, good ideas, and creativity. You have to slow down and stop to marvel at the sunset – it’s not going to happen when your mind goes 100 miles an hour trying to keep up with all the shoulds, have-to’s, and must’s that people usually try to comply with.

How can I awaken Innate Health?

You have access to your inner health when you stop, calm down, or as some people say “Be in the zone”. Set your personal, analytical thinking aside; don’t try to figure it out; don’t try to understand. When you close your eyes and feel that you are connected to all life around you, that you are both one with the life-force and the life-force, when you extend your love to others as well as to yourself, when you exhale and let go ….. that’s how you awaken innate health.

“Yes, but” you say?

As I said, don’t try to figure it out. I am using words to describe a process, a truth, that is beyond words. Words are man-made. Innate health comes from a different source: the life-force.It comes from being around love and positive attention. Don’t get caught by my words but listen to the direction the words are pointing at. You will awaken your innate health when you are able to get out of your own way. All the ideas of not being OK, not being good enough, needing to have this or that, needing to accomplish this or that in order to be happy and well, are like debris hiding your innate health from your eyes.

Trust yourself and trust others so that, when innate health is given the opportunity to rise you can fully see it in yourself and in the people around you. When you encounter someone – maybe even yourself – that is not coming from innate health but is negative, angry, critical, or closed, know  this person in that moment lost connection to their innate health. Right now they are insecure or hurting. They need love to find their way back.

If you want to learn more about Innate Health and understanding the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, contact me so that we can make a time to talk!


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