Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

The 3 principles of innate well-being are Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, whereby the

Mind represents the energy behind all life/creation, our life force, our default setting. When we are un-troubled, at peace, in harmony and balance, we are what some people call ‘in the zone’ and others call it ‘free flowing’. All is well!

Thought is our means of experiencing life. Without thinking we would not be able to part take in life. Through our thoughts we know what we believe, what our morals are, what we are going to do today, how we chose a mate, how to raise our children.

Thought can be divided in two forms: the free-flowing thought process that comes when we are at peace with our self and the world. This form of thought is creative, inspirational, intuitive, spontaneous. It is ideal when we need original, creative, new solutions for situations where not all variables are known to us.

The other form of thought is the analytical thought. That form is ideal for problem solving, organising, or planning WHEN we have all the data, e.g. learning a new skill, planning a trip, party, or conference. Analytical thinking relies on our memory bank and
analyses the current task on what is already known upon our experiences from the past.

Consciousness relates to our sensory system such as visual, kinesthetic, auditory, touch, smell, taste. It brings into our awareness our thoughts and thereby our experience of life.

Concluding thoughts:
Unless you learn a new skill or use your brain for some form of computing, analytical thinking is probably less useful than free flow thinking. Indeed, analytical thinking is largely overused in our society.

It’s when you can distance yourself from your hectic analytic mind, remind yourself that thoughts are just that: THOUGHTS and allow your mind to calm down. When you are returning to a creative, intuitive, and balanced state of mind you will have insights and creative solutions that are much more likely to solve your problems effectively.

If you are interested to explore how the 3 Principles of Health can be applied in your life, give me a call to arrange for a time to talk.


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