Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Beliefs or Facts

As I am preparing for my workshops “Health Seminars” for the new year I am delving specifically into the structure and the importance THOUGHTS and BELIEFS have in people’s lives. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors and the inventor of the assembly line technique of mass production is quoted to have said “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are always right”. Our beliefs have a pivotal influence on our sense of identity and all other aspects of being. Be careful what you tell yourself or think about yourself – your body will go to enormous lengths to comply. 
If we believe something to be true, we will live accordingly. If we believe people are mean and cruel, we will avoid contact with them; if we believe we are ugly, we will attempt to become invisible; if we believe we deserve disrespectful treatment, we will tolerate behaviour others might deem unacceptable. If we believe change is impossible, we will not seek out ways to change our lives. That is unless we understand the nature of beliefs and how beliefs are formed.

Buddha already said “All human suffering comes from THOUGHT”.  The biggest mistake people can make is treating  thoughts and beliefs as facts, as the one and only truth. Unfortunately, many people fall prey to such mistake. Most conflicts, on a personal, political, and/or international level are based on one party holding beliefs that are opposed to the beliefs of another party. Yet beliefs are just thoughts. They are not real things. They reflect people’s perceptions about circumstances, events, or people. Perceptions are subjective, clouded by people’s personal history, habitual thought processes.

Sadly, often people insist that their thoughts are exactly describing what is going on. They are much more interested in being right than in feeling close or co-operating with others. Holding on to what one thinks is right and reflects the truth is often rather life-restricting and sometimes even life-destroying. Wouldn’t it be great If people could understand which of their own thoughts and beliefs to trust and which to eye rather suspiciously? Wouldn’t it be great to use one’s thoughts in ways that help one’s life to become more enhanced, satisfying, and meaningful?  I am looking forward to doing just that in the workshop for the New Year! Keep an eye out for them, they will soon be announced here!


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