Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs form an  integral part of our experience and determine to a large extend our behaviour. Indeed, for many people, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or social beliefs are at the core of those things that are most important to them. They dedicate their lives to serve their political, religious, or social convictions.

On one hand the infinitely different beliefs people, groups, and cultures hold have always caught people’s interest. We travel into the farthest corners of the world to experience different cultures and we marvel at and are inspired by the architectural expressions of their beliefs that differ so much from ours.

On the other hand there comes a time when people’s different beliefs cause huge conflicts, and – as can be observed in many places all over the world – even lead to brutal wars. But we don’t have to go as far as looking at international war-zones. In our everyday life in New Zealand people’s belief of entitlement and superiority over others leads to heinous crimes, terrible incidences of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, oppression, and marginalisation.

Problems arise when people perceive their beliefs as THE TRUTH and forget that a belief is just a thought and therefore only one expression of multiple, possible beliefs. It’s not real, it’s not a fact. The more people share a particular belief, the more they are convinced they are RIGHT. They are even willing to go to war for their beliefs.It doesn’t change the fact that beliefs are not real. They are constructions of our mind which via our ability to think is creating our reality.

Beliefs and whole belief-systems are powerful agents in shaping not only our physical and social world but also our beliefs of ourselves. It comes as no surprise then that most therapeutic approaches and personal growth efforts are geared towards challenging one’s (unhelpful) beliefs – those that make you feel miserable, stressed, or depressed and aim for beliefs and thoughts that enhance one’s life and create happiness.

In my upcoming workshop “Health Seminars”  I will present principles that can assist people to direct their lives towards a peaceful state of mind and physical and mental well-being! It includes understanding the structure of our personal reality and our beliefs.

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