Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Thoughts Create Feelings

Everyone knows E. Roosevelt’s quote “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” – we all know that “You can’t make me angry, only I can do that”. How come we lost the knowing that our thoughts create our feelings when it came to stress? Whatever we take in through our senses will be processed through out filters (history, memories, biases, etc.) and be given meaning by us – in the form of a conscious or unconscious thought. Upon that thought we react with a state, mood, or feeling. Therefore, feelings do not give you information about the circumstances of your experience in life. However, they are a reflection of your thinking.

What does this mean for stress?

When you feel stressed and out of control, you are thinking thoughts that don’t come from a place of balance and being at peace. Instead, you probably attempting to solve a situation with analytical thinking without having all the information. Lets take the following example: When you gave a presentation last week you colleagues did not agree with you and had different view points. You are now thinking that you don’t fit in, people don’t like what you are doing, you might not get the promotion you were hoping for, actually, you don’t like you job anymore and hate getting out of the house in the morning, wondering whether you should look for another job. You get more and more stressed.

The first step is to

  • realise that your feelings of distress signal that your thinking is off-balance.
  • Knowing that thoughts are just thoughts, and don’t reflect reality but you interpretation of reality, you can let them pass through you mind, allowing other thoughts to come up. Don’t pay attention to them. You are most likely using analytical, hectic thinking without having all the data – indeed, most of your thoughts are guesswork and catastrophic thinking.
  • Tell yourself with a smile and a chuckle “Here I go again, thinking weird things”.
  • When you are in a more balanced state of mind, you will see immediately that thoughts of a different quality will come to you. They always will, because we humans are thought producing machines!  🙂

You actually don’t have to do anything else.

If you want to explore how the 3 Principles can change your life, give me a call and we make a time to talk!


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