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Finding A Soul Mate?

Another thoughtful  clip by Mark Gungor about finding the One And Only Person That Will Make Your Happy! … ?

Comments on: "Finding A Soul Mate?" (1)

  1. Well he is a jovial little character isn’t he!! Not sure I’d agree totally cause I believe God supplies all that we need. So if by any chance there is a man out there for me I believe that God will put him across my path. I do agree that there is no such thing as a soul mate and if there are – then a selected few. My ex always referred to me as his soul mate. Until one time I had to go to our old place to pick some stuff up last year and found a card from his girlfriend and it talk about them being soul mates. They are having troubles now too!!! So mmmm!!! But I do know couples that have been together over 40 and 50 years and they are still in love with each other. Only a few though. Nice to see but a rarity in my eyes. It is something that is worked at and sacrifices made by both and not just one partner. don’t really think I can be bothered with it. Too independant now… and as far as the s word is concerned…mmmm!!! no thanks!!!

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