Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

GoogleWe live in an information rich time. 50 years ago, if you wanted to travel through Europe and Asia to visit Kathmandu, you were limited to information from a travel agent or your local library. Nowadays you get your computer out and just "google it". And you'll find out much more than would have been available in the 60s of the last Century.

The good news is, if you want to find out exactly how your life is going, you don't have to research it in a library or google it.You don't need a computer or broadband access.  All it takes is to listen inside your mind and body to how you are feeling. Feelings are like your very own personal search engine.

For some people having emotional choice means that they can choose to have those emotions they enjoy and to live a life in blissful happiness. That is not only unrealistic, it is also quite dangerous. Imagine your child falls tragically ill, you lose your job, or your family is stuck on an island as a cyclone approaches. Wouldn't it be crazy to be blissfully happy in these circumstances?

Emotions are neither good nor bad. The worth of an emotion is measured only by the outcome they are intended to serve. If you read your emotions accurately, they'll inform you about your situation and prompt you to take action. For example: If you are feeling bored reading this post, your feeling is telling you to get something more interesting out. Of course, before you completely abandon reading this post, you might want to search inside yourself what it is that bores you about this post. Is it information you already know or is it information that you – unconsciously – know you should head but rather avoid? That's an important difference, isn't it?


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