Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Microsoft-window-washer For a long time people in New Zealand enjoyed a good life! After all, aren’t  we living in ‘Godzone”? Yes, we are still living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, the world-wide economic down-turn also effects us in li’l old New Zealand. Lots of people who struggled for years with their mental and physical health know the impact of financial insecurity and (-hopefully-) have a fair understanding of how/where to get help, and what they can do to help themselves.

What we now see happening on a global level is the emergence of a new group of people struggling with mental health issues, who do not have the knowledge or experience to cope with these issues effectively. Now more and more

  • highly qualified people, who never had to worry about employment,
  • University graduates who used to be assured of a well paid position,
  • employees who have been with their company for many years and never worried about job-security,

experience unexpected hardship due to the recession. It is this new group of people who faces mental health issues with no or very little knowledge of how to cope with their situation. Depression, anxiety or panic attacks, and/or stress related problems are waiting in the wings ready to leap at the unsuspecting passer-bye.

Are you part of this new group? Do you have a hard time to keep motivated, cheerful, and energetic and instead your moods are down, you easily loose your temper, and you can’t find the ‘up-and-go’? Don’t wait, go and seek some help. Give yourself a tune-up. It will make all the difference!

If you live in Auckland, Raeburn House is offering a 4 week evening course starting 19 August 2009 “Fighting Depression Through Authentic Happiness” ($45 for 4 nights, ring 09-441.8989 for more information/enrollment).

If you live further away, you will find hands-on steps and strategies to re-gain a positive outlook on your life in my home study course “Finding Happiness”.

Whatever you do – “building a bridge and getting over it” – means tackling step by step the bridge that  leads from where you are to where you want to be.


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