Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Butterfly blue back Losing someone or something you have cared about deeply is a huge blow to your SELF-system. You might as well look at it as a SELF-crisis. At a time like that it is of utmost importance that you reduce the stress by making sure your physical and emotional energy does not get depleted.  Looking after your physical and emotional well-being in times of grief and sorrow is one of the most important and useful steps you can take to help yourself. You can look after your emotional health by finding ways to express your feelings.

  • One way of doing that is to seek out your friends and supportive others with whom you feel able to share your feelings.
  • Emotional health also means  finding a balance between allowing yourself the time for the grieving process while keeping in mind that distracting yourself from the grieving by taking on mundane tasks of every day living is equally important.
  • Expressing your grief can also take place in other ways than talking about it. There are a number of creative ways people have found helpful for expression of their sadness about an important loss. Some find comfort in starting a journal, make a photo album that celebrates the time together, compose a song in memory of the loved one, make a painting, or find other artistic expressions for their feelings. 

Just as important as your emotional health is your physical health. Times of deep grief are especially stressful and you need to take good care of your body. Like for any other stressful situations and for overall maintenance of good health, people need to make sure that they get enough rest and sleep to allow the body to re-charge. Physical health is also closely linked to getting enough nutritious food. However, the most effective stress relief is exercise. Working out in the gym, having a daily run, or biking a few kilometers will contribute towards providing your body with the stress release it needs.

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