Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

Earlier this year a research was published that indicated that six out of ten clients in psychodynamic psychotherapy are unhappy with how their therapy ended.

Every 4th client felt their therapy lasted too long. The reasons stated were that they felt uncomfortable with their therapist, hoped that treatment would improve, or they felt dependent on their therapist.

Two out of ten clients felt their therapy finished too early either because of financial constraints they experienced or because they felt mismatched with their therapist.

Those clients that indicated that their therapy ended on time were overall more satisfied with the outcome of their therapy. For them the ending of therapy indicated that they had done well in their therapy. They were able to celebrate the positive aspects of the therapeutic relationship and were happy with the gains they have made.

More so, being able to terminate was perceived as a sign of the progress they have made and as evidence for the independence they have achieved.

Traditionally, psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on the painful aspects of separating (present and past separations) in the ending phase. 

"Results suggest that clients find terminating psychotherapy at the
right time important and yet difficult to achieve, and that clients
experience a wide range of feelings, many positive, during the
termination phase, which call for a reconceptualization of the role of
the therapist during this important phase of psychotherapy." *)

This research shows how important it is to end therapy at the right time. To achieve that both client and therapist need to be able to explore the issue of termination openly. A collaborative stance of respect and equality will go a long way towards achieving that.

Read more about this research: University of Haifa (2008, January 10). 60 Percent Of Psychotherapy Clients Felt Therapy Didn't End On Time. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 28, 2008, from­ /releases/2008/01/080109094351.htm

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