Psychological Solutions For A Better Life

I have on several places discussed the importance of dealing with depression. It's not just that depressed people are not as happy as others. Not only that, a whole range of health hazards are linked to depression. A recent research from Rush University (April 2008) has revealed that depression is a risk factor for developing Alzheimer's disease at a later stage whereas is was thought earlier that depression is an early sign of Alzheimer's disease.

Becoming aware of the crucial factor depression is in developing Alzheimer's makes it the more urgent for people to become active in fighting their depression. While some people experience only a mild level of depression that manifests in a 'chronic low mood', others may have depression at a level that is terribly incapacitating and seriously impairs their quality of life.

Proven treatments – depending on your world-view and belief system – are talking therapy, antidepressants, and exercise, whereby all three have shown to be equally effective. There is one difference though, talking therapy and exercise have less negative side effects than antidepressants drugs.

Whatever you go for, the important thing is that you start fighting your depression NOW if you don't want to face major health issues later on in life. You can start by getting my free workbook "Fighting Depression Through Authentic Happiness". However, if you depression is more than 'mild' this workbook can only be a useful addition to your therapy.


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