Psychological Solutions For A Better Life


The following is a simple self-hypnotic relaxation exercise. You don't need to prepare for it in any particular way – just create a space for 10 – to 15 minutes 'time out'.

Make sure that you are comfortable, either on the bed, the floor, or the sofa. Switch off the radio, phone, or anything else that could distract you in the next wee while.

Before you start, talk to yourself … give your unconscious mind the instruction to fully be relaxed and to re-generate your energy resources.

Find an object to focus your gaze at – maybe something where the light is reflecting.

Then, in your mind, say THREE sentences about your visual experiences without moving your eyes – use your peripheral vision. For example: I see the curtain moving, I see the cup on the table, I see the orange cushion on the carpet.

Follow on with three sentences about you auditory experience. For Example: I hear the clock ticking, I hear the traffic on the road, I hear the wind in the trees.

Follow on with three sentences about your kinesthetic experience. For Example: I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, I feel the contact of my back with the sofa.

Stay in the position you are in, keep the gaze and go again through all three sensory channels (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) making TWO statements each and then again making making ONE statement each.

Allow your body to fully experience the relaxation and only stop as you are ready. Take you time with getting up. Don't do anything that requires full attention for a while (driving car etc.) you may still be in an altered state of relaxation.

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